Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well, the past few days were what I would consider to be good days. I don't know who needed it more, the babies or me (Mama).

Our tiny little Charlie was 2 lbs as of last night. He was down to 1lb 8oz last week and I was starting to worry about how small he could get. Tuesday he was on only 1 liter of oxygen and the Dr. said this was almost unheard of for a baby of his age. Yesterday, however, he had several episodes of Bradycardia (dropping of heart rate). I say several episodes, but it happened about about 8 times while I was sitting at the foot of his bed. (The lower his heart rate got, the higher mine got......this process is going to have me gray headed by the time I'm 30 for sure) The nurses would just go over and mess with his foot or hand and he would start back up on his own (a good thing) . Last night, they went up on his oxygen and when Ben called this morning before work he was doing much better.

Sweet Louise is down to 1 chest tube. We are cautiously excited that the episode with pneumothorax is almost over and she will be able to heal and come off the ventilator. Yesterday, she had some blood work come back a little odd, and it suggested that there was some sort of infection going on. Her belly was also a little distended which could suggest the infection was in her intestines. We are quickly learning that that "belly issues" are a big deal in here. The Dr's gave her some "big gun" antibiotics and we are hopeful that these will take care of the problem. We are still praying that her stage 3 brain bleed is clearing up on its own. She has a head scan on Sunday and we will know more then. Personally, I think Lousie is feeling better. She has started showing more signs of a little personality under all those tubes.

Our cute little Reece is still recovering from surgery. She is on lots of meds and I miss our "feisty" little peanut. I think that her surgery and watching her recover has been so hard on me because I was really starting to bond with her. Its hard to be able to go from holding your child and helping with their care to having to stand back and just watch. It just breaks my heart to see IVs coming out of her head and the ventilator back in her mouth. All her Dr's seem to think that she is doing very well, for which we are very thankful. We want a speedy and healthy recovery and we know that if anyone can do it, its our Reecey Girl!

Its funny, you think there is no way you can love your children more and everyday I wake up and I do. This experience is "tough stuff", but I'm so thankful to be going through it because I wouldn't trade these three lil miracles for anything in the world. I'm going to try to post some pictures tonight (depending on how the day goes and if I'm seeing crossed eyed when I get home or not). Off to the NICU!!!!!!!

Thanks for all the prayers (its working)........continue praying for all three of these sweet peas!

Oh, I don't want anyone to think that I am completely ignoring them. No cell phones allowed in the NICU!!! By the time I look at my phone at night I am far too tired (emotionally and physically) to respond. I'm still learning to balance everything we have going on and I haven't quite factored the phone into the equation yet......I will, just don't know when. I do love getting everybodys text and messages. Matter of fact, I cried like a baby last night when I checked my full voice mailbox. Thanks for all the sweet and inspiring messages.....they really do help me everyday. I have the best friends and family in the world!!


  1. pneumothorax*** spell must not have been working :)

  2. Hi, Cambo is my cousin and his mom told me to look at your blog because I am a NNICU nurse in Charleston. You may enjoy reading this family's blog who was in our NNICU, whose babies are home after a long road. Prayers to you!

  3. Hi Lucy....I am back at the lake for a few days...Anne Porcher is home too and heads back to Nashville on Wednesday. She has just finished a rotation in labor and delivery and we have been reading your blog daily and keeping you, Ben and the babies close to our hearts and very much in our thoughts. Take care of yourself and rest when you can ....much love
    Anne, Larry, Anne Porcher, Haynes,Tatum, Margaret, Lawrence and Rachel

  4. You are so strong Lucy! It must be so hard and so wonderful all at the same time. We've watched the videos so many times. Jackson said to me a few nights ago "Mama do you notice how they calm down and feel better when Lucy says it's ok? It's cuz she's their mama." :)