Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 weeks old

Reece has had a great weekend. She had her stitches removed, her bag put on, and as of yesterday is officially off of the ventilator (again)! She has also gone from 5L of oxygen to 3L and shown little change. She is a little swollen still from surgery, and you can see her little scar all the way across her belly.

Reece holding my hand! The beautiful ring is from Ben and the babies. It's their birthstone which is a Peridot

Daddy's wedding band as a bracelet!

We got some great pictures of our little Louise with her eyes open yesterday. She did o.k. this weekend, and hopefully will come off of the ventilator today or tomorrow. She is having some high heart rate and blood pressure issues, and this morning her nurse told us that after they sealed her chest tube off, the pneumothorax got larger. Ugh, I just can't wait for her to get better so I can hold her. (She has her brain ultrasound today......We are actively praying for good news)

Daddy's wedding band on her sweet foot! Look how tiny.

Charlie has had a great weekend and is being so good! He is still having the Brady episodes (heart slowing down), but they are few and far between now. His oxygen was turned to three liters and this seemed to help. We reached a big milestone, because Charlie has tolerated feedings of mama's milk for almost 24 hours now (.4 mL every 3 hours). He's already gained an ounce since yesterday....we can't wait to fatten this little boy up!

Daddys wedding band!

Ben's hands make a better comparison (than mine) for how the tiny the babies are.


  1. Great pictures...they are sooooooo precious! Glad to hear they are doing good!Love y'all!

    P.S. Love the new bling! Ben and the babies did good! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Boland Babies!!! So happy for the progress...let me know if you need anything Luce and Ben! We will be in Spartanburg next week for a wedding and would love to do whatever we could to help- even if its just laundry!!!

    Ben- great job on the new Bling!!!

    We love you both, Jordan and David

  3. I have the "Cutest" grandbabies on planet Earth...So proud of Lucy and Ben just knowing what wonderful parents they are!!! Can't wait to roll in the floor with Reece, Louise and Charlie and eat Ice cream for breakfast...
    *:-) *:-) :-)

  4. Lucy-Wow they seem to be doing sooooo great. I can't believe how tiny. The bling is pretty awesome too! You certainly earned it. Keep in mind if you ever want some pics taken...(granted this is a shameless way to weasle my way in) but I can take some good ones I think even in the low light. The ones you are getting are really incredible though and you clearly don't need me. I know it's probably not even possible yet, but if it becomes possible and you want, I'll be there in a jiffy. :) We sent you a daily dose of Lu today at her request. So that smile was for you and the babes and Ben. :) June-you should be proud! Wow, wow, wow. They are incredible.