Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 Days Down!

First, we would like to thank everyone for their love and support through this tough journey that our family has been going through. Things have been getting better for our little ones, which in turn is making things a little easier on us. Lucy is doing great, and is nearly back to normal (besides the Fred Flintstone feet!!). She finally got some sleep last night, and the swelling is from standing beside the incubators all day long without sitting down. Anyways, here's what has been going on with the babies:


Reece is being very strong. She has been off of the ventilator and breathing on her own for over 24 hours! What a trooper. Lucy has been very involved in her care since she has been so stable. Today Reece's nurse allowed her to take her temp, change her diaper, and give her some -no idea on this spelling- collastrum (early breast milk?) with a syringe and qtip. You heard right; the breast milk has arrived. I've never seen Lucy more happy than when she was feeding her, but it scares me to death to put my big hands in the beds. I guess that's normal???


Louise is trying really hard to get better. She still has her chest tubes in, but they are getting very little fluids off which is good. She is also being weened off of her oxygen and nitric oxide...I know that her nitric oxide has gone from 30 to 5 whatever that means. The only bad news is that a head ultrasound revealed a grade II brain bleed from all of the trauma that she went through. But the good news is that the doctor said that a grade II (out of four), is not even enough of a problem to try and treat it. It could potentially progress to a grade III, but we're hoping that it will downgrade (I hear its about 50/50 which way it goes). She might need to get a little rest, but she can't sit still!


Well, Charlie's vitals are back to great like they were for the first day. We still can't figure out what in the world caused that scare he gave us but we sure don't want to go through it again to find out! He did have a little trouble with his red blood cell count last night when they did a CBC test, so they did a blood transfusion. We were really worried when they told us that, but then the nurse said that she had been doing this for 20 years and had never seen a reaction. He has been doing well since, and his skin has a little more color now (he was kind of pale so they ran the test).

Again, thanks for everyone's support! The texts, emails, and calls have been much appreciated and we are blessed to have so many people caring about our new family. Maybe pictures tomorrow, but it still takes me a while to figure our how to post them. Keep thinking positive everyone!


  1. Awe Lucy and's so great that you are making this history!
    I am excited to check your progress every evening. Since I work for your Dad(Dr.Shelley), I look for comments re: he and Deb about this ongoing event! When we saw him Monday, he appeared happy, concerned, and in AWE! Last I saw him, he was off to try to get a look at his grandbabies! Hope he did!

  2. Tell Lucy that being able to provide nutrition to the little babies is the BEST feeling in the entire world. I seriously have never felt like I've ever done anything important in life until I had Bryce latch on minutes after birth.

  3. Ben, you are doing a wonderful job keeping us up-to-date. I am so proud of ya'll, especially Sweet Lucy! She has been amazing! I love you two and those precious babies you are taking such good care of. June Bug was so thrilled to see the video of her grand babies. Way to keep that Grandma happy :)

  4. Ben-It is so special to read this and to know what's going on but especially to read it from your perspective. You are so sweet and such a good daddy already. I just love the image of Lucy feeding her sweet baby girl. You guys hang in there. And tell Lucy she's got to get off her feet every now and then and rest up.

    In last night's voice note, that was Sawyer screeching "oh no the babies don't have any beds!" Not sure if you could understand it but it was funny. No idea what made him worry about that but I assured him you put the babies' beds together. Much love to you guys.

  5. Ben & Lucy, Please know that you and those precious babies are in our thoughts and prayers. William is amazed at how tiny they are. He said he can't wait for them to come to the softball games! Lucy, you take care of yourself!! Those babies need a strong and healthy Mom. If there is ANYTHING we can do to be of help, please let us know. You know Bill is a great cook, and I would love to bring you dinner one night. Take care & lots of love and prayers, Julie, Bill, & William

  6. Just found this blog and got the answer to my questions: Reese, Louise, and Charlie. Wonderful names for little wonders. Bless you all this Christmas!

  7. opps. Reece. I like to get them spelled correctly!