Sunday, August 8, 2010

1 Week Old!!! -Weekend Update

Hi, its Ben here for the weekend update on the babies. The doctors are really happy with how they are all doing at 1 week old. They have started letting Lucy hold Reece and Charlie, who are making really good progress. Louise is still having some issues, but is improving every day. I'm putting some video on this post for y'all to see just how small our babies really are!!! I thought I had done some challenging things in my life, but persuading Lucy to put the babies back into their beds so that they can get some rest has been one of the hardest.
The first video is of Lucy holding Charlie Boy. He's doing great now. This weekend he came off of the ventilator, and had one of his umbilical cord lines removed. Making good progress! The nurses say his only problem is that he refuses to leave his feeding tube in. No exaggeration, last night he pulled it out and waved it around 4 times in the 2 hours we were there. It's almost like he's mocking the wonderful nurses at this point!!!
The second video is of Louise in her incubator. Lucy hasn't been able to hold her yet because of the issues that she has been having with here lungs, but as of last night, the air pocket is gone! The doctors say that her chest tubes should come out tomorrow (Monday). That's great progress. The bad news is that the brain bleed has progressed to a Grade III. Dr. Wood said that it was right on the lower limit of Grade III, and that it had stopped progressing, so we're hoping that it will dissolve with no complications. Keep praying hard for her, and stay optimistic!
The last video is of Lucy holding Reece. She is definitely our overachiever. She has had no complications, and is almost independent of any help from the machines. She is our only baby who has actually grown this week...2lbs 2 oz.!!!!! Lucy can hold her whenever she wants, which is pretty much all of the time!

Sorry for the formatting, but it wouldn't let me type in between the videos. Thanks for every one's support, and thanks to everyone who has donated blood!


  1. At this rate, I will watch the videos 100,000 times this week...easily. I am not surprised that little miss Louise will not keep her feet in her swaddle, she been fighting for space for months!

    Love you all!!!!!!!!!

    Aunt Laney

  2. I love these videos! Such beautiful babies with a glowing mama! Love you guys! -Ash

  3. Your babies are PRECIOUS and such sweet miracles! Congratulations!!

    I have no idea how I came across your blog tonight, but I had to go back and read the entire thing. I think my brother went to school with Ben (Jake McCormack). Your new little (well, big :) family will be in our prayers!

    Happy one week birthday, cuties!


  4. Boland Crew-

    I think I may watch these videos over and over. What a miracle these three precious babies are! I am praying for you guys soo much and I am just so amazed at what the Lord is doing for each of you!!! Keep us posted!!!

    We love you all, Jordan

  5. Thanks for making me cry at work... I, along with everyone else, will watch these videos over and over again. The babies are absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to meet them!!

    Lucy, we are ALL so proud of you!!


  6. Along with Jenny... thanks for making me sit up last night crying! They are so precious and tiny! Saying lots of prayers for y'all! Can't wait to meet them! :)


  7. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I love the videos. Lucy, you look sooooo happy! The babies are too cute for words. I loved wathcing those lil cutie pies! Great stuff!

    Love y'all! -kat

  8. Oh tears! They are so sweet and beautiful. Isn't it amazing all those babies were in your tummy a week ago? Yowza. They are incredible. And you look so beautiful and happy!