Monday, August 9, 2010

We were told there are going to be be good days and bad days in this whole "life in the NICU" thing and today we had a few set backs.

Our little trooper, Reece, had to have major surgery this morning. I awoken to Ben telling me "Get dressed, There is a surgeon on the way over from Greenville to operate on Reece. We have to get there quick to sign the consent form." Not the way any mother wants to wake up! I'm going to hand the computer over to Ben to explain more on the medical aspect of the surgery ( he understands the mechanics of things a little better than I).
Well, basically Reece had an isolated perforation (small tear) in her intestines. The nurses caught it when her stomach became sort of tight and bloated. An x-ray revealed that air and debris was leaking into her abdomen, which is cause for immediate emergency surgery. After the surgery (which was sort of exploratory), Dr. Chandler said that the isolated perforation is about the best cause for the leak that we could hope for, so I guess that's good news considering the circumstance. They removed a tiny section of her bowel, and put in a colostomy bag (sp.?). Hopefully that will be removed in 6 weeks and she'll be as good as new. For right now we have to worry about infection and hope that it doesn't happen! Keep praying hard!

Charlie continues to do well. The Dr.s did have to stop his feedings that they started yesterday because wasn't having any output. When Dr. Uy talked to us about this it seemed that she was thinking Charlie may have some bowel issues similar to Reece in the future. We are praying that this is not the case and we can pick up with his feedings soon. There's really no way to tell right now.

We were hopeful that Louise would have her chest tube taken out today, but unfortunately a chest x ray showed that the air pocket on her lung had come back a little bit. They turned the chest tubes back on-and hopefully we can get this taken care of quickly.

Today has been a rough day in the Boland household and we could use all the prayers we can get. Sorry, if this post is kind of a downer........but we are on a rollercoster of ups and downs.


  1. We're all praying for the Boland family, ALWAYS!!

    Love you-

    Jenny & Chanan

  2. We hope that today has been a better day. Every time I think of your precious family, I pray for them, which is often, because I can still remember all the terms you are using. May God wrap you in comfort, and don't even think about annoying the nurses, they are used to it. That's why they are so amazing.

  3. Lucy, Paul and I love you and pray for all of you everyday. You and the babies are beautiful. I told Dr. Chandler to take good care of you if he has more contact. He is a parent at our school and a fabulous doctor and person. We love all of you and think and pray for you all often during each day. We love you! Paul and Valerie

  4. No news is ever a downer. We want all the news, good and bad, so we can send all of our good thoughts and prayers your way. This sounds like all the standard preemie stuff. Keep it standard babies! It sounds like they are in great hands. I know you must be so stressed and tired. We love you so. Hang in there. Hugs from all the Pringle people.

  5. From one triplet family to and your amazing little blessings are in our prayers daily. Even though we have not met, I have kept up with your journey through Rachelle and have been keeping you in my prayers all along. I know how helpless you feel right now. Just hold them tight and keep telling them how much they are loved...that is the best medicine you can give them! God Bless you all!

  6. Praying for yall!!! Ben, please let me know if you all need anything.

  7. My husband and I, who are also expecting triplets, have been following your journey since the beginning. We pray for you and your beautiful babies daily and ask God to cradle and protect your family with His love.