Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prayers Answered

As of yesterday, ALL OF OUR BABIES ARE OFF THE VENTILATOR!!!!!!!!!! This is a huge goal for our family and we could not be prouder of our little peanuts. Here's a quick update on everybody. ( As for the updates, I list the babies in birth order........I don't think that Ben has a rhyme or reason for the way he list his updates)

Well, our spunky little Reece is back in full force. She has done remarkably well recovering from her surgery (that was a week ago today). She is so funny, she can throw quite a fit for a baby of her size. Her little cry is so sweet but I have a feeling that it will grow in volume as she grows in size.
We are so proud that our little Louise is off the Ventilator! She is doing so well considering she only has one good lung. Speaking of, we are working hard on getting this pneumothorax (air pocket in her lung) resolved but every time we think its almost gone it shows it ugly head once again. Ben and I are getting pretty frustrated with this whole thing but we do understand that her doctors are doing everything they can for her. As for her brain bleed, it seems that the bleeding has stopped but the swelling has increased. This is a confusing and complicated thing to understand. What I got from the doctors, is that this is just a waiting game to see how her body responds. She has another head ultrasound on Friday and hopefully we will know more then.
Charlie is chugging right along. He still has episodes of bradycardia (dropping of his heart rate). Some days they are few and far between and other days it happens more often. Charlie has been tolerating his feedings well and he is even fattening up a bit!
O.K. now its Ben to finish the post for the day. Lucy wrote the post above this morning before her visit. I just wanted to add the daily events before we posted.
She is still doing pretty well. She is tolerating her feedings well and doing as well as we could ever hope for right now!
This morning at my 8:30 call to the NICU, we got good news and bad news. The nurse started off by telling me that her chest x-ray showed that her pneumothorax had dissolved, but just as I was about to celebrate....The nurse then told me that she believed that Louise may be having seizures! Our hearts sunk. The doctors now have her hooked up to a 24 hour test, following the 4 hour test they did this morning which was inconclusive. Hopefully, Louise will not have to go through yet another fight.
Charlie's belly was a little swollen this morning so the doctors stopped his feedings. An x-ray showed a little gas in his bowels, but nothing to the extent of Reece's problems. We are thankful for that, but he was sure doing well for a while with eating!!!


  1. Sarah Webster BaggsWed Aug 18, 06:17:00 AM PDT

    Praying for those babies!!!! Glad to hear some good news - they seem to defintely be fighters for sure!

  2. So glad to hear the great news!! Keeping you all in my prayers!!