Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Time

Nobody is as ready for Spring as we are here in the Boland household!

The babies finally get to start coming out of "the bubble" we have kept them in to help protect their weakened immune systems. I am so ready to start acting like a normal family. I can't to wait to take my babies to lunch, story time or even maybe Target. I am determined to not let the simple fact that I have 3 babies keep us from doing what other mommies and babies do. That being said......no promises that if you do see us out and about we will look cool, clam and collected. We will probably look like a 3 ring circus (pun definitely intended).

Spring time is all about changes and we are looking forward to the changes that are happening with our family. The biggest change is that we are moving into a house that will fit our family. The next month or so is going to be CRAZY but we are so excited!!!!!! (more on that later)

We kicked off spring with the babies 1st boat ride.......

Reece, Charlie & Louise

Charlie snoozed most of the boat ride.

Reece Peece

Weezy Girl

Reece and Deb

Mommy and Charlie

Daddy and Louise

Papa Jay teaching Charlie to drive the boat.

Captian Charlie




Junebug and Aunt Spencer love thier babies!