Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Fever

We all have fall fever around here! Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes and cooler weather! I don't have much time for chatting....but I wanted to do a quick update.
Like always, these babies are keeping me on my toes. The newest development in the Boland household is that, drum roll please,.....LOUISE IS CRAWLING!!!!Yay!!!! This is HUGE milestone for a baby with a birth history like Louise. We are so proud of her! This means all babies are on the move. Charlie gets more confident with his standing every day. He should be walking soon. Reece was released from physical therapy (another huge goal). Shes cruising along the furniture and should start walking soon too. I'm in for it......
As for the tooth count... Charlie is in the lead with 4 teeth. The girls still don't have any teeth, but they sure do love a teething cookie.
Thanks to the weather we have been able to get out and about more. We are so lucky to have family and friends that will still hang out with us. Here are some pictures of the past few weeks.

LOOK at all that hair!!! Its hiding under her helmet most of the time, but its there. Louise loves teething cookie.

Reece makes sure to coat every square inch of her body with her cookie.

Jazz on the square! Aunt Laney and daddy attempting to keep 3 moving babies on a blanket.

Weezie loves her Haley!

Reece and Mommy waving at the band. Reece loves to wave at anyone and everyone.

Charlie and Thomas having a little "boy time"! Poor Charlie, spends most of his time surrounded by girls.

Daddy's go to trick......line up the babies and feed them puffs!

Playing at the Park! Louise and Reece

This sweet girl has loved to swing since she came home from the hospital.

Happy girl!!!

I don't know who this child is. He looks too big, old and toldder-like to be my Charlie. You make the call...
Now, this is more like it. Charlie pointing at his spit up, "Mama, get it off".

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Houston, We have a........Tooth!

Or lets make that 3 teeth. Just when I was beginning to think that I was going to be stuck with toothless children for the rest of my life. Charlie boy got a tooth. Then, another the next day, followed by another the next day. That's right 3 teeth in 3 days! (That number is really kinda starting to haunt me).

 He has been acting like a complete maniac. Up all night, sleeps all day. Bulldozing his poor sisters any chance he gets. I finally called to the pediatrician and asked if teething turns a normal, happy baby into total disaster. Dr. Luci told be to bring him in and she'd give him a look over to make sure everything was OK. Wouldn't ya know it, the poor kids had an ear infection. The "mommy guilt" is setting in.

So needless to say, Charlie has had a hard week. Honestly, we've all had a hard week. Yesterday, the girls went to Junebug's house so I could give my teething, ear infected baby boy the TLC he needs. My prediction is that Miss Reece is the next to get a tooth. She's starting to act-a-fool, too.

Here are some pics of my toothy boy and his sisters...

This is the happiest he has been all week.... MY BIG TOOTH BOY!!!!!

I am refusing to put clothes on Charlie, the drooling is out of control!

Miss Reece

Not so many smiles out of her this week, maybe she's next!

Louise has started rubbing all the stickers off her hat......notice the last man standing.

She has discovered her tongue.