Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rollercoaster Ride Underway Already!

This is Reece

This is Louise

This is Charlie

We will not be doing as many picture updates as I'm sure most people would like us to, but the snapping pictures stimulates their senses. We want to keep them as stress free as possible right now because they are still supposed to be in mama's belly. They may look a little scary right now but they are the most beautiful little miracles to us.

Dad's turn to keep up with the blog for a while. Yesterday was terrifying for all of us here at the hospital.

It all started yesterday morning when a chest X-ray showed a pocket of air on the outside of Louise's lungs. The doctor told us that this was called a pneumothorax, and that he promptly had inserted 2 chest tubes to drain it off. She stabilized, and they added nitric oxide to her ventilator to open the cappilaries in her lungs (1 of which had collapsed from the air pocket outside). Chest X-rays this morning showed a tiny pocket of air still there, but overall the lungs are healing themselves. Excuse the medical terms, but we're becoming quite the experts.
We went for a visit to the NICU last night about 9:15, and everyone was doing great. All vitals and gases were right where they were supposed to be, and we talked to they babies (quietly) for about 20 minutes before heading back up for the night. The docs even told us that tomorrow they thought Charlie and Reece would be extubated (breathing tubes taken out) if they remained stable. Well apparently about 10 minutes after we left, Charlie went into cardiac arrest for 10 minutes. The nurses kept chest compressions going the entire time to keep his blood circulating, and the doctor gave him a shot of adrenaline. Immediately, his heart began beating again just as strongly as ever!? We watched them do a heart ultrasound, and the cardiologist and Doctor Wood agreed that Charlie's heart was completely normal and developed. They were both worried and dumbfounded that they had no explanation for what caused this to happen, and actually Dr. Wood was surprised that his heart had begun pumping again. Wow, I hope its not like this for long!!!!!!!!!

Well, as the nurses keep telling us, no news is good news. Reece has been behaving for us, and has had no serious issues yet. Lets all keep our fingers crossed and pray that it stays that way. They expect her to be extubated today or tomorrow. What a good girl.

We have been praying hard, and are thankful for all of you praying with us. We know that we will get through this, and the babies are in the hands of god and the doctors. Seems like those are pretty good hands to be in to me! We appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers that we have gotten, and please continue to pray for our little ones. Physically Lucy is doing a good deal better (I have never been more worried or stressed in my life as I was last week), but mentally she is really taxed. We need her to get some rest so that she can make our babies some food, so we would appreciate no visitors just yet until things calm down a bit. Feel free to text us, or call me at 864-304-6659 for updates on mom and the babies (my phone will be on silent but I promise I'll call back during my update breaks). Please keep our new family in your thoughts and prayers during these difficult times. This will be the greatest help you can give us.


  1. Heard through the grapevine about last night's drama...praying for peace no matter the circumstances. this verse stood out to me this morning - thought i'd share:
    And God is able to make all grace abound in you, so that in all things at all times having all that you need you ill abound in every good work. (2 Cor 9:8)

  2. Much love to your family of 5. We sent Lucy a voice note last night. Hope it worked. Lucinda and Sawyer want to talk to her every day. :) I know it's a scary time, but you guys are very tough and amazing parents already. The babies are absolutely beautiful. I know they must be teeny but they don't look it in those pictures. Stay strong. We love you guys and are sending good thoughts your way every minute.

  3. Precious little teeny tinies! We love you all so much. The NICU is an amazing place with awesome nurses and doctors. I know those babies are in great hands. Thinking of y'all!

  4. They are all perfect!!! David and I are praying for you guys and know that the Boland Babies are in wonderful hands. Please let us know if you need anything :)

    We love you, Jordan

  5. Congratulations! What sweet little babies you have. We are praying for you all during this time!
    Abbie Tolley

  6. Lucy and Ben,
    Tim and I send our love and continuing prayers to all of you. Your family of 5 is pretty amazing and will always be special to the Cleveland family. love you- Nan and Tim

  7. Lucy,
    They are all just beautiful miracles. Yall have been in my prayers and will continue to be :) You rest so you can make some good food for those sweet ones. Give your sweet mama a hug for me too!! Being a grandma is the best and she got three at once ,how blessed she is! much love always,Katie Oliver

  8. Hi Lucy and Ben,
    We were in Dalton over the weekend and Helen and Lindsey kept us updated and we will continue to keep you covered in prayers. I am very glad I got to meet you both at Philip and Laney's wedding. Lucy, you are a doll and now you have 3 beautiful babies to share your sweetness with. :) Ben great update and yes you are getting to be an expert in explaining some very technical info. Prayers lifting you all up,,,, Marsha Hagan

  9. Hi- I am a friend of Winn Taylors and a mother of 11 month old twins- My husband Mack also does business with Lucy's Dad-our son, Weston was in the NICU for 22 days and had pnemothorax as well- it was so scary, but if it's any comfort, he's my little fighter and the most vocal child today. I know you all don't know me, but I told winn if you guys need any support or just an ear from someone who has been through this, please feel free to get my number from her- in the meantime, our family is praying for you ALL!Hang in there, give it to GOD! Michelle, Mack, Weston and McIntyre Ward