Thursday, August 5, 2010


After 2 great days, yesterday Louise slipped a little. It started yesterday morning with a blood transfusion (this is really no big deal, and our babies will receive lots of this during their stays in the NICU). Then, in the afternoon, the doctor told us that he had inserted another chest tube prior to our visit. A chest X-ray had shown another small pocket of air between her lung and rib cage (pneumothorax) that the 2 tubes already there couldn't reach. He felt pretty could about the 3rd tube, although her O2 saturation kept rising and falling all day yesterday. Finally, when Lucy sent me down to deliver food to them in the NICU at 4 this morning (that is getting to be so much fun), they were able to ween her down a good deal on the oxygen and she was holding steady.
Pray for Louise's little lungs, and that her head ultrasound on Sunday shows that the Grade II hemorrhage has downgraded to a Grade I.

We're gonna slowly post updates on all three babies today (since I was such a slacker yesterday) as we get the time. I think they might finally kick us out of this room, so we may be moving. I did have an excuse for no posting yesterday, in that Lucy let me go to the office for a few hours. Felt a little weird to be back at work with Lucy and the babies here!!?

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  1. Such a pretty little girl! Praying for strong lungs and Grade I!