Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ultrasound #3

They look like babies!!!!! Well, kinda.

I did my first ultrasound at the Women's Clinic and met with Dr Pereyo on Thursday of last week (4-1). It went well. The girl who did my ultrasound, Christa, was super nice. This ultrasound was much different than the past two. The babies were so much bigger and they looked like babies rather than seahorses! Baby B and Baby C were super active. Its was so funny to see them move. As soon as one would start moving around I would start laughing which made the ultrasound screen jump around making it hard to see.

Ben was at work so he wasn't there for the ultrasound. We are really trying to save all his vacation, sick, and personal days for when the babies come. I did have a little bit of time between the ultrasound and meeting with the doctor so Ben and I met for lunch at Monterrey's (these babies are loving some dirty Mexican). I showed him the pictures and we came up with a list of 1000 questions for me to ask when I meet with the doctor.

The visit with Dr. Pereyo went well. He said my uterus was measuring 18 weeks (8 weeks ahead of where I am). He answered all my questions and was very helpful. We set up my pre op visit for my cerclage (stitching my cervix closed......icky). I really enjoyed my visit to the Women's Clinic everybody was so nice and I look forward to meeting all the other doctors and nurses (I have a feeling I will be spending alot of time there).


  1. I am going to go ahead and claim baby B. He looks like he wants a hug!

  2. boland baby b looks like his/her Aunt Laney....

  3. I am so glad you are blogging!!! What a great way to keep memories for those 3 babies...So happy for you all!!! Look forward to more post! Love, Loran