Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well, I had my cerclage put in on Friday. All went well and I'm feeling good. I will spare you the details of having your cervix stitched shut while completely awake and aware, but I will say I am losing any bit of modesty I had before this pregnancy.

The worst part about the surgery was the IV. I have never been good with needles and according to the nurse I have "tiny little veins". After a couple tries they got one in, which was a good thing because if they poked me anymore I was plotting my escape.

They best part about the surgery was that I got to see my babies twice in one day. They checked them before I went into the operating room and after I came out. They did great! They are growing and looking more proportional (Although it still looks like the have a bit of daddy's big head).

Dr. Pereyo said everything went well, but they could not get the cerclage as high on my cervix as they wanted. Still should do the job of keeping in the little ones!

Thanks for the prayers, texts and well wishes. It really helps me to know that I have so many awesome people behind me.

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