Monday, April 19, 2010

Pre op

Just another day at the doctors office.

I had my pre-op today for the cerclage that they are putting in Friday morning. Basically, they are stiching my cervix shut...........glamorous, huh?
Dr. Pereyo will be doing the procedure and he definately help to calm my nerves today. This will be my first ever surgery. The biggest medical procdure I have ever had was getting my wisdon teeth out. That was just this year and I acted like a huge baby. Crying from the second I walked in the door. Thank goodness, the nurses let Ben come back with me until they put me to sleep. I am pregnant with three babies....So my goal for this procedure: suck it up and act like a big girl!

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  1. Lucy!!!! I am so happy for you and ben!! Love you and praying all goes perfect for you! Love anna ross