Sunday, April 25, 2010

About Time for Dad to Blog!

Well, I guess I've been trying to figure out what my role in this adventure exactly is, and I think that I'm starting to understand:

1. Keep Lucy's stress level at a minimum (she could blow any moment, the hormones are wild!)
2. Do whatever Lucy asks me to do, in order to keep her stress level down (See 1.)
3. Keep Lucy's hunger cravings at bay (see portion in parentheses in item 1.)
4. Get everything that requires physical labor done around the house, so that Lucy can grow 3 babies without worrying about overdoing it!

Sounds about right. This weekend we started on the house project. We are going to try and make it in our house as long as possible, so we have decided to add a bedroom and bathroom downstairs, and finish our unfinished basement. The bathroom is where we decided to start. As you can see in the pictures, my dad, Lucy's dad, Jake, Philip, Sean, and myself commenced to busting out concrete, and running new plumbing for the new shower Saturday. Although Sean left before the picture takin', it should be noted that he did most of the work. It went pretty well, and we're hoping to have the bathroom wall framed this weekend (assuming I get the concrete poured back this week). The plan is for the downstairs to become a slave quarters...excuse me I meant to say a place for our moms, family, and friends to stay when they come to help us out!

P.S. - I feel I should mention that the babies attended their first Boland reunion today, and had some great food....Thanks to the fam for the well wishes!


  1. Hahaha!! I love this Ben! :) I think you are Erik need to meet and exchange notes. I like the way you think!

  2. Lucy, i am so mad your triplet belly is hidden in this picture!!!! Well not mad, just want the whole world to see how cute it is!

  3. I agree Laney....she was nice enough to send me a picture last week but I want some more pictures on the blog of her cute little belly!!

  4. I think we could have gotten the floor out with just the sledge hammer- then Sean "mr concrete man" had to come and ruin all of our fun. God Bless Sean and his jackhammer.