Monday, May 31, 2010

18 Weeks

Well, I have to say......I am feeling quite pregnant these days. Backaches, swelling, indigestion and nosebleeds (weird, I know) are a part of everyday now. Also, my sweet baby boy has moved under my right rib (not his fault, there is only so much room). I had such a ridiculously wonderful 1st half of pregnancy......I kinda deserve this.

Our furry babies made the pic this week. Everybody tells me that they become like 2nd class citzens once you have babies (I hope not). Tido is the big guy. We got him when we were dating in college, hes an old man. Georgia (Gorgeous George to me) ,the cute little English Bulldog, had her 1st birthday last week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGIA!!!!!!!

How far along? 18 weeks

How big are babies? they are the size of a sweet potato. Aunt Spencer loves sweet potatos!

Weight gain? not sure......but I'm growing.

Stretchmarks? not yet :)

Maternity clothes? Oh yes! Some regular dresses still fit, but mostly maternity.

Best moment of the week? Ben's 1st time feeling movement!!!!! Ben could feel one of the girls moving around from the outside on Saturday. It was awesome to watch his face and finally be able to share what I have been feeling for the past few weeks. It was a little more emotional than I thought it would be.

Food cravings? I ate chicken!!! A kickin chicken sandwich from Zaxbys. So it seems that if you smother chicken in hot sauce and Ranch and put it between two pieces of texas toast....I can get protein for my babies. (Not sure how the health benefits weight out on this one). I am loving all the fresh fruit that comes along this time of year.

Gender? A boy and two girls

Movement? I can tell when our boy moves around because he up so high in my stomach. I have a harder time telling the girls apart.

What I miss? just being comfortable

Belly button? Innie but its going to streched flat soon

What I'm looking forward to? My anatomy scan on Thursday

Milestone? Ben feeling the babies from the outside

17 weeks

Just a pic this week......cause I'm behind. I'm working on my 18 week update, should be up later tonight!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just another day at the doctors office

The babies pictures are out of order. It goes Baby B, Baby A then Baby C. I haven't quite mastered this blog thing yet.

Baby B was an active little girl. I love this picture of her with her hands up around face. I wonder if she will be our thumb sucker? She had a heat rate of 162.

Baby A was feeling a little sleepy. She wouldn't turn over and give us a pretty picture of her face. So here she is giving us the cold shoulder. She had a heart rate of 149.

Baby C was a little booger. He wouldn't move his hands, so we could get his "its a boy picture". Yes, looks like our little boy has already discovered himself (if you know what I mean). For some strange reason, Ben was quite proud of this fact. He had a heart rate of 151.

Just another day at the doctors office........its at least a weekly thing these days (sometimes twice a week). Fortunately, we got another good report. I got to see my babies and they are doing just great. We got 100 percent on the sexes!!! (I thought about putting up the pictures that prove the sexes, but I will give the babies a little privacy) Next week is my Anatomy Scan. I'm nervous, but I get nervous before all the doctors appointments. The nurse told me to plan on just getting nice and comfortable on that table because it will take a while to measure all the babies. That's just fine with me......I could lay there all day and watch them jump around.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Little Get-a-way!!

Last week, Ben had a conference in Atalanta. Originally, I had no plans to go. Then we started thinking about it and realized this could very well be our last trip together before the babies come. Ben suggested that I not take any baby books and just have two days to rest and relax and grow my babies. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!

During the day I just hung out at the hotel. I had a blast hanging out with nobody but me. I slept late, took a bath, did my nails, put on a face mask and read a non baby related book. I even went to lunch all by myself (I used to feel sorry for people eating alone.....but its actually quite nice) I have a feeling that I wont be able to do those kind of things as a mother of three.

That night Ben took me shopping and out to eat. He bought me a really pretty dress from Pea in the Pod. He didn't even complain about how much it cost and I know it was way out of the price range of what he thinks is reasonable. After that, we ate at Twist. It was sooo good!!! I had the best macaroni and cheese that I have ever had in my life (besides my BumBum's). For dessert, we got chocolate lava cake with toasted almond ice cream. I love having to eat for four!!!!

Ben is always sweet, but during our trip I could tell he was making an extra effort to make me happy. It worked! We have been so focused on the house remodel and babies that was great to take a little time for each other.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

16 weeks

I figured I better do my 16 week update since I'll be 17 weeks it is

I'm considered full term at 32 WAY THERE!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it. To tell the truth it scares me to death, There is so much it be done around here before the babies come home.

Ben and his Dad (along with other family volunteers) have been working so hard on the "downstairs". I try to not go down there and check on the progress too much because it stresses me out. I will do my best to get Ben to do a blog update on how things are going down there.....but that's kinda like beating a dead horse.

On the "nesting" front, I have some big news. We found the fabric for the nursery!!! Laney and I went to Greenville last weekend and we found the cutest striped fabric that would work for both boys and girls. I have also been working on my registry. Car seats have been a bit of an issue, but that was expected. I am going to do my best to keep my car (a volovo XC90) and do 3 car seats across in the backseat.

How far along? 16 weeks

How big are babies? three avocados, that's enough guacamole for 8 to 10!!!

Weight gain? 13 lbs total. After this week, I have decide not to weight myself till 20 weeks. I'm just going to to listen to my doctors and do my very best to grow all these babies.

Stretchmarks? nope. I have added a new step....I now put on stretchmark oil before the stretchmark cream. Yes, my tummy looks like a piece of Church's chicken.......but whatever I can do to combat stretchmarks I'll try

Maternity clothes? mostly maternity. I can still wear some regular dresses but it wont be long before they start getting too short in the front.

Sleep? so so

Best moment of the week? baby shopping with Laney!!!

Food and Cravings? Ben says that all I eat is fruit and carbs. I have been trying to do better with the meat....but it still grosses me out.

Gender? 2 beautiful girls and a sweet baby boy

Movement? there's something going on in there

What I miss? not having a backache at the end of everyday

Bellybutton? .........ugh

What I'm looking forward too? Sus and Jessie coming to visit this weekend

Milestone? halfway there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Here are the pictures from the doctors appointment on Tuesday plus a super cool stick figure to show you how the babies are laying in my stomach. Baby C is all the way above my bellybutton. I have to admit... I am starting to come to grips with this whole thing, but when I'm lying on that ultrasound table and see everything that is going on inside me I feel a little nervous

Baby A giving us a little wave.
Baby B was the most active.
Baby C, our baby boy, was the most mellow.

We found out the my cervix is measuring 3.5 cm, which is great news. I will start going to weekly checkups to keep a close eye on this because its a good way for the doctors to monitor my pregnancy and will determine when I will have to go on bed rest and how strict that bed rest will be. We also talked about starting weekly progesterone shots to help prevent pre-term labor. Overall, the doctors appointment went great and they said they couldn't give a better report to a mother carrying triplets.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big news

We had 2 doctors appointments this week. The Women's Clinic on Monday and MFM on Tuesday. I met with Dr. Hardin at Women's Clinic. She was great and she said that everything looked great. Tuesday, we met with Dr Laye at MFM. We had an ultrasound where we found out some very exciting news about the babies......their sexes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, they said it's too early to say 100% but they did say it was about 95% sure. I think that it is the perfect mix and I am so excited. I going to go broke buying them clothes. Here are the stats....

Baby A

Heart rate:154

weight: 4oz Baby B

Heart rate: 156

Weight: 4oz

Baby C

Heart rate:153


We could not be happier. Today was GREAT!!!!!! We also learned more stuff at the appointment today but I will save that and the pictures of the babies for another post..........I have to go to my dad's and scan the pictures. I just couldn't wait to share our news with everybody!!!

(if this post sounds a little crazy, it cause I'm going 110mph right now, so excited, WHOOP WHOOP)

15 weeks

How far along? 15 weeks

How big are babies? the size of a naval orange

Weight gain? 2lbs this week.......I'm growing so fast

Stretchmarks? nope! Ben still lathers me up nightly

Maternity clothes? pretty much. I can still wear my pre-maternity dresses and 1 pair of shorts with the band. Even my leggings are getting tight in the belly

Sleep? not great. I cant decide if I'm uncomfortable at night or just have too much on my mind.

Best moment of the week? Mother's Day!!

Food cravings? I have got to find a way to eat meat. I know my babies need the protein. Ben is worried that I'm not getting enough proper nutrition for the babies. He offered to pay me 20 bucks to eat a chick-fil-a sandwich

Gender? hopefully soon

Movement? I am still feeling something. Its not everyday but I think I have felt 2 of the 3 move. It just happens so fast I feel like I miss it.

What I miss? comfortable clothes

Belly button? I have always had a strong dislike for my belly button and pregnancy is making it worse. Its still an innie but it is stretched to it max. I have got to figure out a way to hide this crater in my stomach. Any suggestions?

What I'm looking forward to? my doctors appointments....Its been awhile since I've seen my little butter beans!

Milestone? another week down

Sorry no pic this week. Next week......I promise.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there. An a extra Happy Mother's Day to my awesome Mom and Mother in law!!

I'm not sure if this counts for my 1st Mother's Day......but I'm going to go ahead and say yes!!! I had a wonderful day. Ben gave me some beautiful flowers, a really sweet card and a gift certificate to Walgreen's (???? looks like somebody forgot and had to find the closest store????). No big deal, I know he is just saving up for next year when he gets me the most beautiful 3 stone sapphire ring. (Is it bad that I kinda hope that the babies are born in September so I their birthstones are sapphires and I have already designed the ring I want....) Oh and Ben said the two red flowers and one pink where for the two boys and one girl that were in my belly.........we'll see.

We had lunch at my Mom's. My Grandmother, Gaynelle, said a a sweet blessing for me and my babies that made me, my Mom and Laney cry. Lunch was good but the dessert was extra special, chocolate cake and cheesecake from scratch.......mmm mmmm! That's the way to a pregnant lady's heart.

Thanks so much to my mother in law, Julie, who gave me the very best gift of all........she cleaned my house and did our laundry. What a load feels great. She also gave me a framed picture of my babies....I love it so much (I'm adding a picture of it so yall can see).

Monday, May 3, 2010

14 weeks

Excuse the creepy smile, Ben was in a hurry and only took one pic. And yes, I am huge to be 14 weeks pregnant...I constantly have to remind myself: I look like this because there are three babies. Yall get a special treat this week.......picture update of Daddy (he's gonna kill me)

How far along? 14 weeks

How big are babies? Three little lemons

Weight gain? I'm steady on this 1lb a week thing. Up 9 total. According to my new book, I should be up 35 lbs by 20 weeks (sounds a little crazy to me)......I really want big babies (4 lbs is big for triplets) so I got to step it up a bit.

Stretchmarks? Nope, not yet. I wonder if I can make it through a triplet pregnancy with no stretchmarks.........doubtful. A girl can dream!

Maternity clothes? Ugh!! Still kinda in between.

Sleep? I got this crazy looking pregnancy pillow called a snoggle. I love it!! I call it my nest. Ben hates it. He calls it my fortress.

Best moment of the week? Ben and the babies had their 1st trip to Kanpai of Tokyo. It was nice to go to dinner us the two of us (or five). I also made Ben go to Burlington Coat Factory. It was the 1st time we have looked at baby stuff together. Even though, Ben bitched about how expensive everything was it was fun to me

Food Cravings? I think I ate anywhere from 10 to 15 peanut butter and banana sandwiches in the past 5 days..........I would say that's a craving.

Gender? tick, tock, tick, tock.......

Movement? Saturday morning I felt something kinda funny. It felt like a little twitch. It hasn't happened since. I'm not so sure if it was a baby or not. I know it seems pretty early to be feeling movement but everything in this pregnancy is happening early.

What I miss? Sushi

Belly button? the size of a dinner plate. Its disgusting. (see picture from last week)

What I'm looking forward too? My doctors appointments next week. I have a appointment with Dr. Hardin at the Women's Clinic on Monday and a appointment at Maternal Fetal Medicine on Tuesday.

Milestone? 1st baby shopping trip with Ben.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Everytime my dad says the blessing he blesses Mo, Larry and Curly. Its starting to stick and the rest of the Fam has started calling the babies Mo, Larry and Curly. I think its pretty funny.....wonder if these nicknames will stick after we find out the sexes! Note to self: cute Halloween costumes (in a few years)