Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just another day at the doctors office

The babies pictures are out of order. It goes Baby B, Baby A then Baby C. I haven't quite mastered this blog thing yet.

Baby B was an active little girl. I love this picture of her with her hands up around face. I wonder if she will be our thumb sucker? She had a heat rate of 162.

Baby A was feeling a little sleepy. She wouldn't turn over and give us a pretty picture of her face. So here she is giving us the cold shoulder. She had a heart rate of 149.

Baby C was a little booger. He wouldn't move his hands, so we could get his "its a boy picture". Yes, looks like our little boy has already discovered himself (if you know what I mean). For some strange reason, Ben was quite proud of this fact. He had a heart rate of 151.

Just another day at the doctors office........its at least a weekly thing these days (sometimes twice a week). Fortunately, we got another good report. I got to see my babies and they are doing just great. We got 100 percent on the sexes!!! (I thought about putting up the pictures that prove the sexes, but I will give the babies a little privacy) Next week is my Anatomy Scan. I'm nervous, but I get nervous before all the doctors appointments. The nurse told me to plan on just getting nice and comfortable on that table because it will take a while to measure all the babies. That's just fine with me......I could lay there all day and watch them jump around.

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