Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big news

We had 2 doctors appointments this week. The Women's Clinic on Monday and MFM on Tuesday. I met with Dr. Hardin at Women's Clinic. She was great and she said that everything looked great. Tuesday, we met with Dr Laye at MFM. We had an ultrasound where we found out some very exciting news about the babies......their sexes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, they said it's too early to say 100% but they did say it was about 95% sure. I think that it is the perfect mix and I am so excited. I going to go broke buying them clothes. Here are the stats....

Baby A

Heart rate:154

weight: 4oz Baby B

Heart rate: 156

Weight: 4oz

Baby C

Heart rate:153


We could not be happier. Today was GREAT!!!!!! We also learned more stuff at the appointment today but I will save that and the pictures of the babies for another post..........I have to go to my dad's and scan the pictures. I just couldn't wait to share our news with everybody!!!

(if this post sounds a little crazy, it cause I'm going 110mph right now, so excited, WHOOP WHOOP)


  1. Yahoo....love it! Two little chickadees and one little man. Perfect!

  2. WOO HOO!!!! I love it! Too cute!! I can't wait to see the scans!

  3. Yay!!! That is so exciting. You got a perfect mix. CONGRATS!!!

  4. YAY Lucy!! I'm so happy you are having a mix of both! :) Congratulations, hurry up and post the pictures!!