Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there. An a extra Happy Mother's Day to my awesome Mom and Mother in law!!

I'm not sure if this counts for my 1st Mother's Day......but I'm going to go ahead and say yes!!! I had a wonderful day. Ben gave me some beautiful flowers, a really sweet card and a gift certificate to Walgreen's (???? looks like somebody forgot and had to find the closest store????). No big deal, I know he is just saving up for next year when he gets me the most beautiful 3 stone sapphire ring. (Is it bad that I kinda hope that the babies are born in September so I their birthstones are sapphires and I have already designed the ring I want....) Oh and Ben said the two red flowers and one pink where for the two boys and one girl that were in my belly.........we'll see.

We had lunch at my Mom's. My Grandmother, Gaynelle, said a a sweet blessing for me and my babies that made me, my Mom and Laney cry. Lunch was good but the dessert was extra special, chocolate cake and cheesecake from scratch.......mmm mmmm! That's the way to a pregnant lady's heart.

Thanks so much to my mother in law, Julie, who gave me the very best gift of all........she cleaned my house and did our laundry. What a load feels great. She also gave me a framed picture of my babies....I love it so much (I'm adding a picture of it so yall can see).


  1. Wow, so excited for you! I stumbled upon your blog about a week ago and it sounds like you have a lot of things going for you! Someday I want to have twins or triplets too! =)

    Happy Mothers Day to you!

  2. I love the frames photos!! SO cute. When do you find out the genders~?!