Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Little Get-a-way!!

Last week, Ben had a conference in Atalanta. Originally, I had no plans to go. Then we started thinking about it and realized this could very well be our last trip together before the babies come. Ben suggested that I not take any baby books and just have two days to rest and relax and grow my babies. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!

During the day I just hung out at the hotel. I had a blast hanging out with nobody but me. I slept late, took a bath, did my nails, put on a face mask and read a non baby related book. I even went to lunch all by myself (I used to feel sorry for people eating alone.....but its actually quite nice) I have a feeling that I wont be able to do those kind of things as a mother of three.

That night Ben took me shopping and out to eat. He bought me a really pretty dress from Pea in the Pod. He didn't even complain about how much it cost and I know it was way out of the price range of what he thinks is reasonable. After that, we ate at Twist. It was sooo good!!! I had the best macaroni and cheese that I have ever had in my life (besides my BumBum's). For dessert, we got chocolate lava cake with toasted almond ice cream. I love having to eat for four!!!!

Ben is always sweet, but during our trip I could tell he was making an extra effort to make me happy. It worked! We have been so focused on the house remodel and babies that was great to take a little time for each other.


  1. Yay I love ben!!! So glad you got some Lucy time in :)

  2. Hi Lucy! I was forwarded your blog, and just wanted to say congrats!! It looks like we'll be having our little ones right around the same time, I'm due at the end of September with our second. Let me know if you have any baby questions...although I don't have experience with 3!
    Take care, and I look forward to following your journey!
    ~Lauren (Joyner) Vicars

  3. Yay!! That sounds like a blast. We are thinking about going to the beach or Barnsley Gardens in GA for a "last hooray." It is really kind of crazy to think about... We are remodeling our house too... it is sooo difficult. Did you all have to add on rooms? Good luck with everything!