Monday, May 3, 2010

14 weeks

Excuse the creepy smile, Ben was in a hurry and only took one pic. And yes, I am huge to be 14 weeks pregnant...I constantly have to remind myself: I look like this because there are three babies. Yall get a special treat this week.......picture update of Daddy (he's gonna kill me)

How far along? 14 weeks

How big are babies? Three little lemons

Weight gain? I'm steady on this 1lb a week thing. Up 9 total. According to my new book, I should be up 35 lbs by 20 weeks (sounds a little crazy to me)......I really want big babies (4 lbs is big for triplets) so I got to step it up a bit.

Stretchmarks? Nope, not yet. I wonder if I can make it through a triplet pregnancy with no stretchmarks.........doubtful. A girl can dream!

Maternity clothes? Ugh!! Still kinda in between.

Sleep? I got this crazy looking pregnancy pillow called a snoggle. I love it!! I call it my nest. Ben hates it. He calls it my fortress.

Best moment of the week? Ben and the babies had their 1st trip to Kanpai of Tokyo. It was nice to go to dinner us the two of us (or five). I also made Ben go to Burlington Coat Factory. It was the 1st time we have looked at baby stuff together. Even though, Ben bitched about how expensive everything was it was fun to me

Food Cravings? I think I ate anywhere from 10 to 15 peanut butter and banana sandwiches in the past 5 days..........I would say that's a craving.

Gender? tick, tock, tick, tock.......

Movement? Saturday morning I felt something kinda funny. It felt like a little twitch. It hasn't happened since. I'm not so sure if it was a baby or not. I know it seems pretty early to be feeling movement but everything in this pregnancy is happening early.

What I miss? Sushi

Belly button? the size of a dinner plate. Its disgusting. (see picture from last week)

What I'm looking forward too? My doctors appointments next week. I have a appointment with Dr. Hardin at the Women's Clinic on Monday and a appointment at Maternal Fetal Medicine on Tuesday.

Milestone? 1st baby shopping trip with Ben.


  1. Super duper cute! Love all of it...keep em coming!

  2. Love your blog. I'll be following you for now on. I'm currently 15w4d with triplets and can relate to a lot of what you're writing. Congrats! :-)