Thursday, May 20, 2010

16 weeks

I figured I better do my 16 week update since I'll be 17 weeks it is

I'm considered full term at 32 WAY THERE!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it. To tell the truth it scares me to death, There is so much it be done around here before the babies come home.

Ben and his Dad (along with other family volunteers) have been working so hard on the "downstairs". I try to not go down there and check on the progress too much because it stresses me out. I will do my best to get Ben to do a blog update on how things are going down there.....but that's kinda like beating a dead horse.

On the "nesting" front, I have some big news. We found the fabric for the nursery!!! Laney and I went to Greenville last weekend and we found the cutest striped fabric that would work for both boys and girls. I have also been working on my registry. Car seats have been a bit of an issue, but that was expected. I am going to do my best to keep my car (a volovo XC90) and do 3 car seats across in the backseat.

How far along? 16 weeks

How big are babies? three avocados, that's enough guacamole for 8 to 10!!!

Weight gain? 13 lbs total. After this week, I have decide not to weight myself till 20 weeks. I'm just going to to listen to my doctors and do my very best to grow all these babies.

Stretchmarks? nope. I have added a new step....I now put on stretchmark oil before the stretchmark cream. Yes, my tummy looks like a piece of Church's chicken.......but whatever I can do to combat stretchmarks I'll try

Maternity clothes? mostly maternity. I can still wear some regular dresses but it wont be long before they start getting too short in the front.

Sleep? so so

Best moment of the week? baby shopping with Laney!!!

Food and Cravings? Ben says that all I eat is fruit and carbs. I have been trying to do better with the meat....but it still grosses me out.

Gender? 2 beautiful girls and a sweet baby boy

Movement? there's something going on in there

What I miss? not having a backache at the end of everyday

Bellybutton? .........ugh

What I'm looking forward too? Sus and Jessie coming to visit this weekend

Milestone? halfway there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Luce-

    You look beautiful!!! We are going to miss you so much on boat trip this year, but I promise to think about you the WHOLE time! Please let me know if you need anything...Love hearing about all this progress!!!

    You're my favorite stand-in :) and I love you,