Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Friends and Family,

Lucy had another rough night, but at least this time she was in hospital care. Dr. Pereyo came to check on Lucy and the babes, and her water broke sometime after that. Ben called to inform us of the incident and let us know they were moving Lucy to Labor and Delivery.

This was quite a shock in the middle of the night, and it was even more shocking when we arrived to a very nonchalant staff. This is when we (or at least I) found out that one sac rupturing does not necessarily mean Lucy has to deliver the babies immediately. What it does mean is that the baby is no longer in a sterile environment and there is a risk of infection. This is will gauge when to deliver the babies, when lucy show signs of fever or infection, they will take her in. Sounds like this could be hours, days, or even weeks. Lucy met with Dr. Scardo this morning and he predicted that the babies would stay put for another week to a week and a half.

They started administering steriod shots to Lucy yesterday to help speed the lung development of the babies. She was also started on antibiotics to fight infection and is still on the magnesium drip. She is not feeling well and I don't think it helps that she has been poked and proded, but this is all for the health of the babies. As much as Ben and Lucy would love to see friends and family right now, it's just not a good time. Mom, dad, and I are going to get out of here as soon as I update this post so that mama bear and papa bear can get some rest.

The babies current weights:

baby a: 2lbs 1oz
baby b: 2 lbs 6oz
baby c : 1 lbs 15 oz

Keep praying that these babies stay in the womb as long as they can! The bigger the better!


Aunt Laney

P.S. Happy birthday Aunt Spencer!


  1. Oh gosh, I hope they can stay in and grow for many more weeks!

  2. I am thinking about you all and praying for Lucy and the babies!!!

  3. Saying big prayers for Luce, Ben & the babies!!!

  4. Brandon and I send our most sincere thoughts and prayers!!

  5. Lucy and Family,
    You are in my thoughts and prayers!! Keep those sweet babies baking. If you're interested, is the blog of a girl with twins (in Greenville I think!) who began leaking fluids around 22 weeks (June '08). She ended up on strict bedrest and was able to not deliver until October 1, '08!! I hope you are able to get at least a few more weeks gestation for your babies as well.
    Thanks, Aunt Laney, for keeping us updated!!
    ~Lauren Joyner Vicars

  6. Praying for you all!! Just watched this amazing video of triplets born around 26 weeks!! They were precious...might be cool to watch!

    Maggie Wood Delaney

  7. Sending lots of love to you guys! Praying for those sweet babies and their awesome parents!

  8. Laney-Thank you so much. Lucy-we looooove you! I know you're feeling terrible. You are an amazing, tough lady. Hang in there.
    The Pringle fam

  9. Lucy, I wish you and family all the best with these new blessings...I know you all will do great...because you are having triplets I'm sure you've heard the NICU a former SRHS NICU nurse...your babies will be in excellent hands! Awesome nurses and doctors will attend to your babies and I can promise that! Not only was I NICU nurse, but I was a NICU momma too, so don't hesitate with any questions hun...Good luck!