Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Aunt Laney here!

Today has been the most eventful by far! The Boland babies had an appointment at Maternal Fetal Medicine this morning and wound up admitted to the hospital.

It all started in the wee hours in the morning when Lucy was not feeling well. She and Ben decided to ride out the 3 hrs until her 7:30 appointment at Maternal Fetal Medicine. The nurses checked her cervical length at the beginning of the appointment and all looked well. Lucy felt nauseous and "funny" so the nurses decided to hook her up to a fetal monitor to check her contractions. The monitor showed that Lucy was having contractions as close a a 90 seconds apart and her cervical length shortened.

Lucy was admitted to regional around 10 am and luckily she was only a short wheelchair ride away. She was given a large dose of magnesium sulfate for 45 minutes to help slow the contractions and according to Lucy, this was "no fun." Now a lower dose drip is being administered for the next 24 hrs to keep her contractions from getting worse.

All is looking well and Lucy is feeling much better. We just learned that Lucy's Fetal Fibronectin test--this swabs for a protein in the uterus that is present when a mother is within 2 wks of giving birth--was positive, but we are hoping this will change.

Keep praying for mama and babies! We need those babies to stay where they are for a few more weeks!


  1. Hello to Lucy, Ben, Aunt Laney, (everyone else) and the triplets of course! Lucy- I just wrote something on your facebook which is where I discovered that you had a blog going on so I decided to check it out. I'm so sorry to hear of your admittance to Regional, but glad that you are in the right hands. Hang in there! The Mag Sulfate should do the trick... It may make you feel a bit woozy, and unstable, but that shouldn't be the case forever. You're doing everything right! You and Ben are going to be amazing parents! Although I would love to see your precious little babies, I can also wait while they "cook" a little longer. Either way, it looks like every one is ready whatever the plan may be, to welcome them into this world :). Take care, and know that you are in our prayers!

  2. LOVE YOU LUCY!!! Hang in there!! You and those sweet sweeet babies will be just fine :)