Saturday, July 3, 2010

22 weeks

My 22nd week of this crazy pregnancy was uneventful........which is just how we like it. We had a grand total of 3 doctors appointments, which was ok with me because it gets me out of this house. They all went pretty good. As of last Monday, my uterus was measuring 35 weeks pregnant, I'm sure its up to 36 weeks (or more)by now. The fluid levels around Baby B and Baby C are on the high side, which can be a sign of gestational diabetes. I have my glucose test in a little over a week, so we"ll see how that goes (fingers crossed.......I don't know how I will respond if they tell me I cant eat ice cream) Bed rest is going pretty well. I'm reading some good books and taking lots of naps. (The pictures if the babies are from last week. Its hard for me to get the most up to date pictures scanned since I'm on bed rest).
How far along? 22 weeks

How big are babies? as big as a papaya...hope that helps you more than it helps me, I have no idea what a papaya looks like.
Weight gain? its got to be up with the amount that I've been eating lately

Stretchmarks? Still none. The skin on my belly is so tight that I feel like its going to pop......hope that's not the first sign of stretch marks.

Maternity clothes? irrelevant, since I'm in the bed all day

Sleep? I'm so glad that I have been sleeping well this week. It really helps to pass the time. The only problem is I have no sleep schedule, I just sleep when I get tired, no matter what time of day that it might be
Best moment of the week? Having three good doctors appointment. My sisters also went to my appointment Friday. I loved watching them get there first glimpse of the nieces and nephew.

Food and Cravings? This hot weather has got me wanting ice cream all the time. I never thought I would have to exercise such self control to eat only one bowl of ice cream a day. ( Plus, Winn Taylor made me the most delicious hot fudge sauce. It gets the babies super excited. After I eat it I literally feel like I have

Gender? A boy and 2 girls!!!!!!

Movement?Holy Moly!!!!! No words can describe whats going on in there. Every time I get an ultrasound (at least once a week) the tech comments on how active my babies are. At most times of the day, somebody is going strong. My sweet girl, Baby B, is a wild child.
What I miss? Bed rest makes me miss everything. I really miss cooking a lot more than I thought I would.

Belly Button? all most completely flat.

Looking forward too? Getting this house ready for the babies (Ben finishing the downstairs). Its killing me that I can't do anything.

Milestone? Our 1st baby shower!

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  1. Lucy! If you have your sugar test early morning, bring fuzzy socks and a sweater. I brought a tote bag of books but ended up sleeping through most of the waiting period in a separate room.

    Thinking of you!