Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reece 1 year update

Reece wearing her Daddy's wedding band as a bracelet. (She was a little over 1 week old)
and now..
Today, with daddy's wedding band.
A year ago today I was admitted to the hospital. In attempts to slow my contractions, I was pumped full of enough magnesium to kill a horse (at least that's how felt). Just as we were thinking things were starting to settle down, the sac around baby A broke. That began the fight of my life, and I was told that every hour that I held my babies in my body could be the difference in life and death for their undeveloped bodies. That "Baby A" was my Reece. She was the 'leader of pack" then, and a year later she still is.
Reece is a ball of fire, and you would be hard pressed to find a more passionate baby. When she's upset, she lets everyone on the block know about it. When she's happy, you've never seen such a radiant smile or heard a deeper belly laugh. And best of all, when there's music playing, you've never seen anyone dance like they mean it like Reecey Cup (although we're afraid she might have Ben's moves).
In a way, I think that Charlie and Louise look up to their big sister (even though she's only 2 and 4 minutes older :)). When she's into something, they want to be into it as well! Reece loves to play with both of her siblings much more than they like playing with each other. She crawls back and forth as a sort of liaison, laughing and rough housing with Charlie, then playing gently with Louise. I really think she understands them both much better than they understand each other!!
Like Charlie, Reece is a great eater. Her only problem is, she has a hard time patiently waiting for her bite. I feed all 3 at the same time, taking turns with bites. This seems to work well for me, Louise and Charlie but Reece is very vocal about her discontent with the situation. When she can feed herself, she can eat at whatever speed she likes. But for now, majority rules! It amazes me how much she can eat for such a petite Lil thing and she loves all of "mommy's concoctions." I think her new favorite is pineapple/spinach (I'll probably mix some brown rice in time....gotta cover all my bases)
Reece is also progressing well in her therapies. Since I did Charlie's update, we have decided to add speech therapy to all 3 babies schedules. The biggest challenge Reece has been facing is dealing with her issues of high muscle tone. This is a common problem for babies born as early as Reece was. It simply has to do with her being born with an immature nervous system. The great news is, she has come leaps and bounds so far.....and we are hopeful that she can work this "tone" out on her own.
I see the most of myself in Reece. Matter of fact, my moms quote is "Louise looks like Lucy, and Reece acts like Lucy". I must admit, I find that pretty scary. At least, I can prepare myself. Hopefully, our like personality will make us excellent "partners in crime (or play)."
Reece you are spunky, fun and loud! Your smile is infectious and your zest for life makes everyday better. Being your Mama is simply a blast...... I love you up, down and all around!!!!

Happy Girl!
Reece loves bathtime!
****I'm going to add a newborn pic of Charlie to his post as well. I think its a great way to explain how far they have come

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