Sunday, July 31, 2011

Louise 1 year update

All of the "NICU" pictures are hard for me to look at, but this is one of the worst. This is our beautiful Louise when she was around a month old. The baby in this picture is very very sick. We had not yet been allowed to hold her and she could not breathe on her own.
As many of you know, Louise has had a hell of a 1st year. It has been one thing after another. As a mother, I have prayed one thing over and over..."Lord, Do not let this break her spirit". If health is not always on her side, please let my baby be happy.
I am happy to report that Louise is doing great. She is happy, sweet and loving. She has such a gentle and kind spirit. Even though she has been through the ringer, we couldn't be happier for where she is today.
Weezie is our only baby that is not yet crawling. We knew it would take her a while to get used to the extra weight of the helmet, and she is progressing beautifully. Her arms are getting stronger everyday and I think she will be taking off any day now. Watching Charlie and Reece is a huge motivation for her (even if it is so she can get away from them).
Louise is doing well in all of her therapies. She is slightly behind Charlie and Reece in both physical and occupational , but that is too be expected because of the challenges she has faced in her 1st year of life. The fact that there is only a SLIGHT delay with Louise is a miracle.
Louise does have 1 up on her brother and sister. Even though, all 3 babies are preparing to start speech therapy, Louise seems to have the most advanced pattern of speech. She uses many different sounds and consonants to express herself. Charlie and Reece are using few consonants and still grunting to express how they feel. I find this very encouraging for Louise in terms of her developmental future.

Weezie and I travel to Greenville at least 3 times a month to meet with Dr. Troup, Dr. Debrux or Todd. Todd is the only person I have not yet mentioned on the blog. He is a orthopedist and physical therapist that does weekly or biweekly adjustments on Louise's helmet. (Just like braces have to be adjusted to make teeth move, a helmet has to be adjusted to make the head grow in the correct direction). At a recent appointment we took a scan of Louise's head to find she had made a 4 millimeter improvement. It would take me awhile to explain what that means, but let me say this....its great news! We have appointments with both surgeons in August and we hoping to find the need for future surgeries for Louise is declining. PLEASE help us continue to pray for this.

I have said this so many times before...Our Lil Weezie is awesome. She continues to amaze Ben and I, along with the many doctors who have cared for her during her 1st year. As soon as we get some of these "kinks worked out,"there is no telling what this little girl will be capable of achieving. There is an uncanny amount of resilience that lies inside of Louise and because of that she has a very bright future on the horizon. Her strength amazes me. Her effort inspires me. Her smile calms me.
Louise, there is something very special about you. You are kind, gentle and strong. Being your mama has made me a better person. I love you enough to fill the sea (maybe more)!

A Bow!!!!! So glad somebody finally has enough hair!

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Sweet Peanut

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  1. Lucy, I love this update. I imagine you have all the help you could ask for with your precious friends and family, but please think of me if you ever find yourself in a pinch. I would LOVE to know your children. You are all truly an inspiration and I will indeed continue to pray for Louise. love, Betsy Grimes