Thursday, July 7, 2011


We hope Everybody had happy 4th. We did!! On the 4th the babies tried some very messy teething biscuits for the 1st time.......even though we STILL have no teeth!
MY BABIES WILL BE 1 YEAR OLD IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! It's killing me. I am having a hard time party planning due to my emotional outbursts (ie...uncontrollable sobbing.) Don't get me wrong, I am so glad to be where we are today. I do believe that's why I'm an emotional wreck. I can't help but think about how far they have come, how hard they worked to be here and how lucky Ben and I are to have them. This past year, I have been so pumped full of adrenaline. Go, Go, Go all the time. Researching medical issues, hundreds of Dr appointments, 3 days a week of therapies, caring for these beautiful babies.....the list could go on for days. Something about their Birthday has slowed me down. Its made me realize that THIS goes by too fast. I'm also starting to process what all I have watched my children go through over this past year. That same adrenaline, is what got me though some of "tough stuff" that we've had to deal with. Now its wearing off, I realize how much this experience has changed me. A year ago, I thought I was going to lose my babies before I even got the chance to know them. Now, that I know them, I realize what a huge loss that would have been. This is something I'm just starting to go I don't really have a final thought or ending sentence on the topic. What I do know, is I am so lucky to have all of my babies celebrating their 1st birthdays with smiles on their faces.....(the sobbing again, Enough already.)
Anyways, with all that off my chest, I plan to do individual updates over the next month. Lots is changing around here. Then, of course, birthday and birthday party updates. Then, we may be saying our "good byes." I have gone back and forth with what the fate of this blog should be and the truth is I just can't come to a decision.


  1. I will miss the blog and seeing your precious babies! I do not know you but enjoy keeping up with with your blog!!


  2. AHHH - they are so cute!!!! I can't believe that they are about to be one....what precious little miracles! I would love to keep reading the blog but know that it has to be time consuming and running around after 3 of them....not sure when you would have the time. I will DEF keep getting updates from Haley though :)

  3. Your precious babies are such an inspiration and I've loved keeping up with them in this first year! Would love to keep following should you decide to continue the blog! Hope their 1st birthday is fabulous!