Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I'm awful for not doing this sooner.......

Happy Father's Day to my dad, Ben's dad and of course, Ben! We had a lovely fathers day in the Boland household. It consisted of Ben and his dad working on the house and me lying on the couch (I wasn't feeling so good). We took Ben's dad, CB, to pick out a fish finder. I told Ben that I would take him out for a nice dinner sometime this week and gave him a sweet card. (Little did I know I would be going on bed rest so I guess I should resort to Plan B, if I only had one). My dad was in Florida fishing with my brother Jake, so I know he had a great Fathers Day, even though I was missing him very much.

I think that Fathers Day meant much more to me than it did to Ben this year. At this stage, I feel a little more connected with these babies (for obvious reasons) than he does. Next year, I'm sure he will be feeling a little more deserving of a Fathers day Celebration. I bet he will be wanting a Fathers Day getaway. I can't wait to watch Ben changing diapers, making silly faces and zillion other baby duties he will be doing soon. There is not a doubt in my mind that he make an amazing dad.
Daddy we love you and can't wait to meet you!
Baby A, Baby B, & Baby C

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