Thursday, June 17, 2010

20 week appointments

I had two doctors apointments this week, both went well. We had most of the babies anatomy scans done, all that's left is the hearts which we will do Monday. Still no mention of bedrest and I am keeping my fingers crossed! I am taking it pretty easy to avoid being forced to bed. Next week they will measure the growth of the babies and i can't wait to see how much they weigh! They should be close to a pound each.

Baby A is on the bottom on top of my bladder and scrunched in a little ball. Baby B is stretched out nice and long on my left side and taking up most of the room, she looks quite comfy and we have a feeling she'll wear the pants in this trio. Baby C is at the top on my right and his head is right inside my ribs. Getting his ultrasound pics are pretty uncomfortable becasue they have to press the wand into my sore ribs.

Everybody was super active this week and the technician asked me what i had for breakfast, which was nothing (7:30am appointment), maybe they were just hungry. There is a 3D pic of Baby A's face, she was in the perfect position. Looks like all of my little monkeys are growing well and so am I!

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