Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beach Babies

Babies 1st Vacay!!!! Last week, we packed up everything but the kitchen sink and headed to the beach. I was slightly worried about the car ride down, but everyone did great. Sleeping or happy babbling babies the whole ride. The best part of the trip.....we had lots of help! Even with all the help, I learned that mamas are never truly on vacation.
It was a fine science.....maintaining our normal schedule and adding all the "beach stuff" to it. Sun screening, changing in and out of wet bathing suits, packing the beach bag, swim diapers, washing the sand off the babies, etc... what a process! For the 1st time in their lives, my babies got a bath every day (thank you salt and sand). I was so worn out by the end of the day that I went to bed when the babies did every night at 7:30. Even though it was a lot of work, we had a blast. Everything is just better at the beach!!!!
The babies loved the sand and water. Charlie is very into eating sand. Reece prefers playing with shells in her bucket. And Louise is perfectly happy laying on a towel and staying nice and clean. I have a feeling next year's beach trip will be a bit more stressful with three toddlers on the go.
The beach week was also Weezie's 1st full week of helmet wear. That's right the magic hat is here! She is doing awesome adjusting. She even slept though the night her 1st night sleeping in it. I was thankful that her doctors told us we could take it off while she was on the if its not hot enough outside. Just as I thought she would, she wears it like a crown!!!

Well, I took a ridiculous amount of's a few of "Babies 1st beach trip"

Charlie ready to go

1st time feeling the ocean

Charlie and Reece loved the sand. Louise was a little unsure.

Charlie ready for the beach

Daddy and his little buddy! (don't worry.....Ben is on his knees in this pic)

Reece and Aunt Spencer working on their shell collection.

The crew

Charlie loved playing in the surf.

My very favorite picture!!!!

All 5 Bolands

Who says you can't "man" multiple babies while drinking beer on the beach.

Playing with Sus

Sweet Reecey Cup

Family Pic

I just love Louise in this picture.

Beautiful Beach Babies


My sweet girl loved rocking on the porch and listening to the ocean...I loved it too!

Louise and her beautiful magic hat.

Aunt Laney swimming with Charlie.

Hooray!!!! Three babies swimming in the pool. (Thanks for all the help Kelsey)

Louise thanking her Grandpa for such a wonderful week at the beach.


  1. those are some beautiful babies lucy!!

  2. I mean....they are just the CUTEST things ever!!!! Their smiles are so infectious. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE Louise's outfit (with the polka dots)...where did you get that? We are about to go to Edisto for the 4th and I am so excited but I agree with you that I will probably be worn out and I only have 1! So glad to see that everyone is doing so well!