Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17th

Today, November 17th, is Prematurity Awareness Day. 1 out of 8 babies in our country is born too soon. The US has a higher rate of premature birth than most other developed countries. In an annual Premature Birth Report Card put out by March of Dimes, the US scored a "D" and South Carolina scored a depressing "F". Talking about premature birth is the 1st step to understanding this common and serious problem. Wear purple today to show your support! I will be wearing purple in honor of my beautiful Reece, Louise and Charlie.

Today is also our 3rd wedding anniversary. The number 3 seems to be a common theme this year. I would say the past year has been the most eventful thus far. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BEN!!!!!! You have been such a good husband through my pregnancy, bed rest and those scary NICU days. I feel so proud to be your wife. I love you...or I guess I should now say...WE love you!

Here are some pics of the past few days........................ Reece



1 of our many doctors appointments

Aunt Spencer and Louise

Daddy and Louise

Uncle Jake and Reece

The girls!


Three years ago today! Life has changed quite a bit!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Babies are looking as cute as ever...miss and love y'all!

  2. wow, lets try to get a better pic of me next time hahah LOVE YALLL

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! It was such a gorgeous wedding and now you such gorgeous babies! What a blessing! We love and miss yall!!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your babies with us for the Fight for Preemies. We are making a difference.

  5. What cuties!!!! They are looking so great and I love the picture with charlie's eyes so big - too precious! I am going to email you with some things (products, tips, etc) that people told me about that I thought was helpful.... you all seem to be doing so great and am so happy for you all. Take care!

  6. Happy Anniversary Luce!! So good to see you and Ben last weekend!!! :)