Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Update

Labor Day weekend was a long one for mom and dad... Lots has changed over the past few days, and we feel like it has changed for the better. First, there was the BIG move to Greenville for Weesie. Watching my baby girl loaded up into an ambulance and wisked off was one of the harder things that I have had to do in my life. After meeting with the pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Troup, Ben and I know that we made the right decision for Louise (Even if it is a little harder on us). To say that Dr. Troup impressed us would be an understatement. The NICU in Greenville has had a more aggressive approach to her care, and she has had many firsts since she has been there. More on that in her update...

REECE (3 Lbs. 11oz.)
Reece has been doing pretty well. Over the past week, she has had several blood transfusions. She has also been retaining quite a bit of fluid from her IV's (You can really tell by her puffy eyes in the pictures that I will post in the morning). Her personality is shining through more and more every day. Ben thinks that she is by far the most fiesty while she is awake. It makes him nervous when he holds her.

LOUISE (3 Lbs. 5 oz.)
Since arriving in Greenville, Louise has been doing great. She is eating now and completely off of her oxygen (Reece and Charlie are still on). Dr. Troup will not do her surgery (yes it looks like we will have to get the shunt) until she is on full feeds. Right now she is about half way there and...are you ready for this?... I've been giving her a bottle with about 15 mL of my milk for the past couple of days!!!!! I'm on cloud 9, and it seems like she really loves it too!

CHARLIE (3 Lbs. 3 oz.)
Charlie's only setback thus far came this past week, and don't worry because we think that its pretty minor. During his second eye appointment, his retinas are still a little behind in their development. Charlie is just a happy and content little baby! He is back on his feeds, and smiles and chatters all day long. We hope that he continues to do so well, and as far as the eyes are concerned, we know a few good eye doctors that will take good care of him!!!

Sorry that its been so long since the last post (Driving and pumping and spending time with the babies has had us tied up), but I plan to post a few pictures tomorrow morning! Love all of you and keep sending the prayers our way,


  1. Awesome update! It all sounds so good. You are so strong Lucy.

  2. We, of course, have knowledge of the Greenville NICU and know that your precious baby is in good hands. I'm sorry we're not there right now to offer to cuddle and help you with her. You both are so tuff....Leigh and Sam