Monday, September 20, 2010

Big Week Ahead

This week could be a very big week for all of us. If things go according to plan (not always the case with preemies) 2 big things are going to happen.

Reece may get the surgery she needs to put her back together. As most of you know, Reece had a surgery when she was one week old that removed a small part of her intestine. Right now we are shooting for Thursday to put both ends back together!

The other big thing is that we may be moving Louise back to the Spartanburg NICU as soon as Wednesday.....fingers crossed. The move is dependent on two things. 1....will insurance pay for her move back to Spartanburg. Since it requires a whole team of people to move her it is a very expensive thing to do. Also, she has a CT scan of her brain today and if there are no major changes we are going to wait to do her surgery (shunt) until she is older and stronger. She has been doing well so we are feeling very good about the results. Dr Troup has agreed to continue to follow Louise from Spartanburg. If we feel that there is any reason that she should stay close to her Neurosurgeon then we will ,of course, leave her in Greenville. We are looking forward to possibly having all of our babies in the same hospital but if it doesn't happen we will not be disappointed. The best care for Louise is our ultimate goal!

The biggest change over the past week has been the baby's eating habits. Everybody is now getting breast milk as their main source of nutrition (instead of TPN fuilds that go in through an IV). Most of their feeds are going in through feeding tube. Louise is taking 2 of her feeds from a bottle and is doing very well with it. Charlie and Reece are attempting to take 1 feeding from a bottle. All of the babies are also learning to nurse. Charlie is doing awesome....boys love boobies! Louise is doing ok. Reece would just rather sleep. Everybody keeps telling me for babies their age (34 weeks gestational age) that they are doing great!

Pictures coming soon I promise!!!!

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  1. Lucy & Ben,
    I found the blog & have been keeping our family informed with the updates. I am glad to hear that they are doing better. It's hard to believe that ours babies are 8 weeks old today! We are all still praying for you guys & I hope Louise was able to get moved back w/ Reece & Charlie.

    Love, Ken & Kerri Lew