Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Easter and Exciting News!!!!

Happy Easter

Easter was a lot of fun this year. The babies are really starting to get into holidays, which makes things fun for everybody.  Heres a few pics....

Reece and Charlie so excited about their Easter baskets......

Charlie loved his bunny.

I'm sure one day Lousie will look back at these pictures and ask why she was wearing Christmas pajamas on Easter.  NOTE TO SELF.....cute pammys on Easter, there will be pictures. I was too worried about stuffing the Easter eggs with "non choke" hazards. 

Sweet Reece battled her allergies most of Easter, but she did win the egg hunt!

Louise had fun
 Charlie, was a busy booger...

 Yay, all 5 of us in 1 picture!!!!! Haven't had one of these since halloween.

Happy Easter, Peanuts!!!

And in more exciting news........
Weezie decided to switch one cranial accessory for another. She got glasses. 

Reece, Lousie and Charlie are getting their 1st cousin!!!!!
Congrats, Aunt Laney and Uncle Pup. We are so excited! 

So much fun stuff happening. Also, its the last day to order you T-shirts and walk with us to support the March of Dimes. Email me!!!!!

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  1. Hey Lucy! It's Graham and John Moore (ya'll went to Pine Street Elementary School together). We work together in the OR and we were just bored and decided to look at the blog! Everyone looks great! We love it! Love ya'll! Tell all the babies hey for me! Graham and John