Friday, March 2, 2012


Dearest Lil Pink Helmet,

     We're not sure if we should burn you or plate you in gold......

   We are going to miss decorating you in finest seasonal stickers. You turned out to be quite the accessory, reciving complements most everywhere we went. You had the tough job of framing one of the most beautiful faces in the world and, you did it well. We are also going to miss the protection you gave to a toddling 18 month old. We will always remember how you saved the day when mommy and Louise took a tumble down the steps.  There were many days Mommy wished there were 3 little helmets running around, things would be safer that way.

   We will not be missing your STANK. It was mind boggling how a sweet little angel of a girl could conger up such a smell. Mommy is NOT going to miss the way you gave her nosebleeds during temper tantrums. We're also not going to miss hunting you down after Charlie would 
get a hold of you.

   All and all, you have become a friend to us. You represent a journey. A journey of a little girl on the path of  healing. To that, we thank you, lil Pink helmet!

Little Pink Helmet
Big Stank, Magic Hat 

May 2011-March 2012  

*** don't for get our help us support the March of Dimes. We're about half way to our fundraising goal.

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