Saturday, February 11, 2012

March of Dimes

This year we are so excited to get involved with the March of Dimes, March for Babies campaign. This is a cause that is very close to the heart of my family.We're getting involved to help improve the health of future babies and to honor the journey of our babies, Reece, Louise and Charlie. 

So, what exactly is the March of Dimes??? March of Dimes was founded by F.D.Roosevelt in 1938 to address the Polio epidemic. When that mission was accomplished, they turned there focus to improving the health of babies. Today, the money raised by the March of Dimes funds research and programs that offer preventions and solutions for premature babies and babies with birth defects. They also provide support to NICU families, fund community programs that give expectant mothers the best chance of having a healthy babies, and advocate for newborn screening and health insurance for all pregnant women and children.

Without the March of Dimes, many of the life saving interventions that happened while our babies were in the NICU, would not have been possible.  To put it bluntly, the March of Dimes saved my children's lives. To that, I owe a firm and passionate dedication to this cause. Who's with me?

The March for Babies campaign is a yearly fundraising walk. Families, like us, who have been personally touched by the mission of the March of Dimes, come together to raise money and march for a common goal... Healthier, Stronger Babies.

So, come walk with us, help us raise money or just donate 5 dollars. Anything will do. This is truly an amazing thing. From now until the walk, I'm going to do a few posts on prematurity and how it has affected the life of my family. Hopefully, this will help to put a face with the problem and motivate more people to do something. 


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  1. I love all these photos. And that is my favorite picture of Charlie EVER!