Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy 2012

Some folks may think of a New Year as just another number. Another notch on the belt. Just one more year older. Wah, Wah, Wah......

 If you stop and think about it, A New Year is an amazing thing.

Its amazing for so many reasons. It gives you a chance to reflect. To think that this time last year, I had 3 nursing babies hanging on every limb of my body. I was a sleepless zombie in a constant state of exhaustion. My life was pretty mundane... feed babies, get babies to sleep, sleep until next feeding. NOW, my life is anything but mundane. I have these 3 little people that follow me around all day. They are loud, colorful and always busy. My house is a complete zoo...but its a lot of fun. Wow, what a difference a year can make.  

A New Year also gives a fresh new start. There's always things that need improving...and this year is the year to do it. I guess would be New Years resolutions. My resolution is simple, I want to find balance in everyday. I will always be a mother first...but this year my goal is to remember that I am  SO much more than that. I am wife, a sister, a friend and a daughter. I also want to take better care of myself. All things I think got put on the back burner in 2011. So here's to 2012!!!!!! A fresh new start to an already amazing journey...

In the "taking better care of myself" part of my resolution, I want to turn my love for photograpghy into a passion. I have teetered with photography in the past, but I became sightly distracted the past few years (wonder why???). There is so much I want to learn!  I'm going to push my old, brokedown camera to it limits. This mama needs outlet in 2012

Ben's parents came up Sunday to spend the day with us. Perfect time to practice with my camera.....

(This could very well be my favorite picture I took all day)

Silly Charlie


Ben's only missing one of his girls...and she was behind the camera.

My 4 favorite people in the whole wide world.

Happy 2012 Everybody! Its gonna be great!

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