Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patch & a Bubble Bath!!!!

Last week was a very long week for all of us. Reece and Charlie had the croup, and to make matters even worse Charlie had an ear infection, too! All 3 noses were snotty. Louise stayed fairly well, which was good because she had a big day Thursday, with a CT scan in the morning followed by a meeting with Dr. Troup in Greenville. The CT showed that the growth plates in her skull are staying open since her surgery. This is good news on the crainosynostosis front. We were also hoping to hear that the ventricles inside her brain had shrunk in size (this is the hydrocephalus), however, we found out that they are still "huge" and the possibility of putting in a shunt to help drain the extra fluid out of those ventricles is still on the table.  If putting in a shunt happens, that could undo the work we have done to help correct her skull shape with the helmet.  So pretty much, Louise is still in need of prayers. Dr. Troup put it best: "She's not out of the woods, but she is stable for now." To me, that sounds like a good report.
Needless to say, after spending everyday in a Dr's office for a week straight with a different child, by Friday we needed a little "pick me up". We went to the pumpkin patch and had a blast. The babes loved climbing over all the pumpkins. Getting out of the house was just what we needed. We ended the day with the babe's favorite pastime.....a bubble bath.

Louise was found her pumpkin!
Reece loved them all....And Charlie wanted every pumpkin he touched.

We explained to Louise that this one was more her size!
Reece was over it!
And Charlie was hungry (what a surprise)

Bathtime for Reece (with a bubble bow!)

And Charlie

And Splashing Weesie!!!

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