Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Louise's Surgery

Hi everyone it's Ben. Lucy asked me to do a short blog post to update everyone on the surgery while she and Louise are still at the hospital. The surgery went as well as anyone could have hoped for! The CT scan this morning showed that indeed Dr. Troup and Dr. Debrux removed the amount of bone that they were shooting for, which is great news. Sorry that I only have the two pictures as you can see, but the camera is still at the hospital. As of today, Louise is still a little puny, and has a good bit of swelling and bruising around the incision, but we were assured that this was to be expected. She has a fever, which is also to be expected, but they decided to keep her in PICU tonight as well to keep a good eye on her. Most likely, she will be home tomorrow or Friday and will need as much rest as she can get. We are so thrilled that the surgery went so well and proud of our little Weesie. Thanks for all the prayers and concern. Lucy will post a much better update I'm sure when she gets home and settled in!!

Mommy getting Weesie prepped for Surgery

Sweet Louise resting right after the procedure. We couldn't believe how small the incision was. She is much more swollen today than shown here.


  1. So glad to hear it went well. Been thinking about all of u!!!! Keep us posted as much as u can please!


  2. Praying for your sweet little girl!!!!

  3. What a sweet baby girl! I'm so glad that everything went well.


  4. Thanks Ben. We've been checking and checking. so glad to know everything is ok. She looks great. I hope she's feeling not too ouchy. Sweet girl and brave mama. We love you all.