Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Charlie is such A BOY. He smiles when he farts, he smells funny, and he loves to eat. He's sounding alot like his daddy. He is so laid back and such an easy baby.
The biggest thing that has happened in his little life is that he had surgery to help correct his ROP (retinopathy of prematurity). Surgery was a success and he did great. We only had to spend one night in the hospital. Honestly, I got the best night of sleep I have had since the babies came home that night in the pediatric ICU. Getting up with one baby is mush less work than getting up with three. Since we are on that topic...I miss sleeping. Its still not really much of an option around here. I just keep telling myself that this is temporary........ I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
Here are some pictures of our wonderful little man. I'll try to do them chronologically so you can see how much he has grown over the past few weeks..........he's up to 7lbs 5oz. Handsome Boy!

Kissing Louise's head all better

Reece and Charlie

Merry Christmas

Happy Boy!


  1. ...and he is one "Sweet" boy!!!! junebug

  2. Adorable. They are just too sweet. I can't fathom the three at night thing. You are right though. Just keep thinking it's temporary and unless you decide to have more you will be sleep deprived just once instead of three times over several years. :) Did you ever think you would say something like "I got the best night of sleep in the pediatric ICU!" Pretty funny if you think about it. You're doing great. I loooooove the pictures.

  3. Aww yay !!! I wana hear about the girls!!!!

  4. They are growing so much!! Soo sweet. I still don't sleep and jump for joy when I get 4 hours with my little man... I can't imagine what you are going through with three. You are one strong mama! PS I have quite a few newborn diapers leftover from Harp. Could yall use them? Let me know and I can bring them to Spartanburg.

  5. STefanie P SuddethWed Dec 22, 06:46:00 AM PST

    They are so cute!! They seem so perfect! Such great blessings. I know the sleep thing is tough but you have made it through the hardest times (those months in NICU) and before long they will be sleeping all night (at least thats my prayer for you:)) Take care and enjoy those bundle of joys! The time flies bye and they will be walking before you know it.