Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2nd ultrasound

On March 18Th, we had our 2Nd ultrasound. There were still three babies! They are all measuring on time with good heart rates

Baby A -169

Baby B-162

Baby C- 158

I guess that this is really happening.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

1st Dr apt

I was so excited. The day could not come fast enough. I woke up the day of my appointment, put on the outfit I picked out 3 days before and we were off. Of course, Ben had to stop and get a biscuit on the way. I was so nervous that I couldn't even eat my loaded omelet biscuit. After a few minutes, they called us back. There we were in the ultrasound room waiting to see our baby for the 1st time. The lady came in and begun. I kept asking her what she saw because she was staying pretty quite. She finally said "I see three sacs". I was thinking that two eyes and a head makes three sacs...right? (makes sense to me). Then, out came the words that would forever change our lives forever..."I also see 3 heartbeats". ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! That's when all hell broke lose. I started bailing. Hyperventilating might better descibe it. I was shaking so hard the ultrasound tech had to hold my legs still to get a good reading. Ben was such a good sport. He just stood by my head held my hand and kept telling me that it would be ok. He was telling me it was ok but the look on his face was that of true fear. How could I do this to him?? He was nervous about having one kid, now he's having three. I would love to say I remember the rest of the ultrasound, but its all a blur. I have pictures prove they did measurements on all three babies. They were all measuring on time (a good thing). After the ultrasound was done, we were taken to Dr. Millers office. This was kinda a blur too. I do remember him saying that we are his 1st triplet pregnancy in 4 years and the chance of this happening was slim to none. What a day!!!!!!!

***Side note, My attitude has greatly improved since our first ultrasound. I was just truly shocked...this is to blame for my absurd reaction. Thank god for Ben. I have always known that I have a awesome husband......but the strength and poise he showed facing such shocking news was honestly amazing. I LOVE YOU BEN!!!!!!

All three

"Do Triplets run in Your Family?"

The answer is No.

After at year of actively trying to pregnant we were unsuccessful. We decided it was time to find some answers. We starting seeing a doctor who diagnosed me with polycsytic ovaries and a cervix shaped like a "corkscrew". He suggested the use of fertility drug to increase our chances of conceiving. We were told there was about a 20 percent chance of having twins. This was a risk that we were willing to take. After 6 months, We had a positive pregnancy test (2-19). I was over the moon!!!! Little did we know......we would get a little more than we bargained for.

1st Entry

Well, I have decided to start a blog to keep family and friends up to date during this exciting time. I don't really know "how" to blog but I figured it couldn't be too hard since so many people do it. Ben and I are feeling lots of emotions but the reality is setting in....... WE ARE HAVING TRIPLETS. Please keep us in your prayers, this is going to be no walk in the park. We look forward sharing this incredible journey with you!!!!!!